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Cumin powder from Madagascar

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Cumin powder from Madagascar

Cumin is a spice native to the Middle East.

Traces of its use as a medicinal plant among the Egyptians have been found more than 5000 years ago.

The cultivation of cumin then spread all around the Mediterranean basin, then the Indian Ocean.

In the Middle Ages, cumin was a very rare spice mainly used by high society. Some merchants used it as currency in commercial transactions during major European fairs.

LA VIE EXOTIC cumin comes from the south of Madagascar and more particularly from the Tuléar region where it is grown on rich, low humidity soils.

Cumin offers a whole range of warm and fragrant flavors with peppery nuances with a little bitterness and some herbaceous notes.

It is mainly used in meat dishes and in Madagascar it is often found in dishes simmered with coconut milk. Cumin is also used for the preparation of desserts in the East, but also in the Indian Ocean with, for example, plantain fritters.

Virtues of cumin:

Cumin is particularly rich in antioxidants and known to be quite good for digestion .

Cumin also helps detoxify the body and is very effective for respiratory disorders like asthma and bronchitis.

Cumin helps maintain stable blood sugar levels , meaning it is ideal for diabetics or pre-diabetics, this means less chance of weight gain and excess body fat.

Cumin is also a very good source of iron, vitamin C and vitamin A , and beneficial for the immune system .



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