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Nutmeg powder from Madagascar

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Nutmeg powder from Madagascar

Nutmeg comes from the Myristicaceae family. The nutmeg tree is native to the island of Banda in Indonesia.

In India, to have fresh breath, the Indians chewed nutmeg. Also, the Arabs had the custom of pocketing a few nuts to protect themselves from diseases.

In Madagascar, nutmeg is grown in the northwest of the island, in the Nosy-Be region.

Nutmeg is used as the main ingredient to make luxury perfumes. Its smell is captivating. Thanks to its dusty appearance, this spice gives off a peppery and dry aroma.

With a warm and exhilarating taste, Madagascar nutmeg and mace are spices that perfectly enhance the flavor of both sweet and sweet dishes. Béchamel sauce, mashed potatoes, anything gratin, vegetable soups or stews, an omelette, cookies or a cheese soufflé are enhanced by the addition of a pinch of ground nutmeg.

Some classic recipes cannot do without it: gingerbread, gratin dauphinois, or even quiche Lorraine. It lightens the creaminess of the cream and gives them a slightly sweet and warm touch. Nutmeg is also part of the composition of the famous Massalé.

Virtues of nutmeg:

  • alleviates respiratory problems such as sore throats or bronchitis
  • relieves muscle pain and aches
  • renews cells by having a high level of antioxidants
  • promotes digestion by reducing stomach pain and nausea
  • helps fight stress and promotes sleep
  • helps the body circulate oxygen in the blood.



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