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Dried Litchis from Madagascar 125g

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Dried Litchis from Madagascar 125g

The fruit

Also called Chinese cherry, its production is not the same depending on its country of origin. Indeed, in the northern hemisphere, the lychee season corresponds to the months of June and July, while in the southern hemisphere where it was introduced, the harvests take place in December and January, which explains why it is associated Christmas and New Year celebrations.

We can compare the lychee to other tropical fruits of the same family by their appearance such as longan (or longani), the quenette or the rebounder (also called hairy lychee). The part that we eat is the juicy aril that surrounds the stone.

The fruits are picked when ripe and can be eaten raw. Its white, juicy and deliciously fragrant flesh makes it a fruit appreciated by a large number of people.

The taste of lychee is often compared to a delicious blend of strawberry, rose and muscat.

Dried lychee is obtained after drying the fresh fruit at low temperature in ovens at around 40°C. This process allows maximum nutrients and flavors to be retained. There is no added sugar.

Use of dried lychee in cooking

Lychees can of course be enjoyed plain, but we can also use them in many recipes.

Whether eaten in fruit salads or baked into pastries, they are a treat. You can also incorporate it into preparations such as jam or sorbets.

Savory you can brighten up your salads in summer or put it in a tabbouleh to vary the pleasures.

It will also be suitable for meats for a sweet and savory combination. You can pair it with a piece of beef or duck, or even make a tagine.

Lychee can also go well with fresh cheese to which a few sprigs of chives are added, for example.

Did you know ? Lychee juice can be transformed into lychee wine* and some also prepare a rum* with these fruits by simple maceration.

Dried lychee can of course be enjoyed as is, just like raisins , cranberries or mini Guya Nam bananas for a little snack or just for pleasure!

You can also insert it into your pastries, for example in a cake, muffins, cookies, homemade cereal bars or in granola or porridge .

Another delicious idea is to coat the lychee with chocolate to make it a little treat or to place it on your beggars .

Dried fruit cake

Here is a simple and tasty recipe idea!

  • 125 g of sugar
  • 250g of flour
  • 1 sachet of baking powder
  • 300 g of dried fruit
  • 3 spoonfuls of rum
  • 125g butter
  • 3 eggs

You can use all types of dried fruit for this recipe as you wish, of course lychees, but also grapes, walnuts , bananas, almonds, cranberries. Add whatever makes you happy!

Finally, the traditional Chinese method is to preserve lychees by drying them, which makes them a very popular treat. They use it in particular to sweeten tea.

The characteristics of lychee

  • rich in vitamins C, A and B

  • source of potassium, calcium, iron and sodium;

  • good source of dietary fiber.

Features :

  • Botanical name: Litchi chinensis
  • Origin: Madagascar
  • Ingredients: dried lychees from Madagascar (100%)
  • Storage: protected from air, humidity and light



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